I am so happy with this Organic Bentonite Clay Mask from Amaki Skincare! I really loved that it came with the free gifts! The Konjac sponge is gentle yet effective and the brush makes it easy to apply the mask in a smooth layer. I love the way that it feels going on with the soft brush. It really helps to get the product on my face and not all over my counter. The jar is huge, a whopping 16 ounces and it will definitely last a long time…” – Zerina Grace

Amazing purchase at a great price! I’m a huge beauty junkie so my drawers are filled with products, but I have to say this clay mask is the best one I have tried!” – Cindy L.

I love this clay mask! I have been using for several weeks now and I have used it twice per week. It goes on smoothly, without being too drippy or too dry and I leave it on for about 10 - 15 mts (I go do something else while it is I KNOW it does not drip off) and then I rinse it off - it comes off easily and cleanly. My skin feels so wonderful afterwards! So smooth and refreshed! I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their skin texture to try this.” –Shana

I would highly recommend Amaki Skincare Bentonite Clay Mask! I used the clay with raw apple cider vinegar. It makes your skin so smooth! I’ve used it just a few times so far and I have seen a huge improvement in the overall quality of my skin. Smaller pores, more even complexion and so soft! I will continue to be a return customer!”- Kristina

My wife used the clay with raw apple cider vinegar once every 3 days and she LOVES it. She said she's never found a product before that has made her skin feel so soft she's seen a huge improvement in the overall quality of her skin and less breakouts too! You use such a small amount of the powder to make a paste that one jar used every 3 days will last for MONTHS. She has used this product about 10 times now and still has over 3/4th of the container left. She said it’s exactly like paying for a $100 facial at the local spa. According to my wife she highly recommends Amaki Skincare Bentonite Clay Mask!”- Gaul Reviews

The best mask I've ever tried! Goes on easy and makes your skin feel so healthy!”-Kate

I have used this twice already and LOVE it. My skin and hair feel and look so much healthier. It came so fast and the manufacturer was helpful and attentive. Would definitely buy from again thank you so much!” – Samatha Simmons

" The bottle containing this rose water has a really natural look to it. The green design promotes natural healing. I like that its in a spritzer bottle, it makes it easier to apply to the face or as a perfume. One great thing about rose water is that it heals the skin and doubles as a subtle perfume whereas regular perfumes will actually cause people like me to break out. The scent is sweetly pleasant and not overpowering. I will definitely be buying some more, not just for my face but I have decided to substitute this for my perfume. Love this stuff! "- MeMe