Q: How often can I use bentonite clay as facial mask?

A: For normal skin 1 -2 times per week, for acne prone skin and oily skin 2- 3times per week

Q: How long should I leave clay mask on my face?

A: Leave mask on 5-10 minutes for sensitive skin, and 15-20 minutes for normal skin.

Q: Is redness on my skin, normal after washing off the clay on my face?

Q: Where is does Amaki’s Bentonite Clay sourced?

A: We sourced our Bentonite Clay from Wyoming, USA

Q: Does Amaki ship outside of the US?

A: Sorry, currently we only ship our products within USA

Q: Should I wash my face first before apply the clay mask?

A: Yes. We recommend that you wash your face with warm water, or under a steam to open up your pores before apply Bentonite Clay mask.

Q: How this clay mask help with my acne skin?

A: Bentonite Clay is known for its amazing drawing power and natural antibacterial properties. When using Bentonite Clay as a mask it will help open and clean out pores and remove any excess sebum. Its healing property will dramatically help speed up the healing process of the skin.

Q: What are other uses for Bentonite Clay?

A: Bentonite Clay is mostly used as a facial mask or body detox. It can also be used to treat skin irritations like blemishes, insect bites, cuts, skin itching, or burns. Apply a paste of Bentonite Clay mixed with water on the affected area and leave it on until dry, then wash it off.