About Us

Founded by a certified esthetician, Amaki is a family owned and operated company committed to quality, value and customer care. Using nothing but the purest ingredients nature has to offer, our skincare products help individuals address their own unique skin types and skin care problems organically to achieve a clear, healthy complexion and the confidence that goes with looking your best.

Amaki products are created with all natural ingredients that work together to draw impurities from deep within the pores, leaving behind a healthy, natural glow. Regular use of Amaki’s natural skin care products means freedom from heavy makeup and concealers to mask imperfections. When used regularly and according to directions, Amaki’s skin care line will help your skin heal and revitalize over time, thanks to the naturally occurring deep cleansers and anti-oxidant ingredients that whisk away environmental impurities that build up, causing blemishes, allergies, roughness, pigmentation and other problems.

Experience flawless, radiant skin naturally! Amaki’s skin care line contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives, no synthetic fillers, parabens and petroleum by-products commonly found in commercial skin care products. So many of our clients discover that they have struggled unnecessarily with skin problems caused by the cheap cosmetics and chemical-laden personal care products they have been applying to their skin on a daily basis for years!

Every Amaki product is made conscientiously, with your health and the environment in mind. You can be sure that our environmentally friendly products come from the highest quality organic ingredients, sourced exclusively in the USA.

Choose from the line of Amaki organic products that suit your unique skin care needs, and enjoy the freedom to be comfortable in your own skin.