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4 Reasons Your Acne Is Coming Back

You’ve been doing what everyone says, drinking plenty of water and eating clean. However, your acne just doesn’t clean up! Gosh, it lightens up but is never fully going away. You’ve tried so many products and all the DIY masks that you could. You wake up every morning and check the mirror hoping it’s magically disappeared but nope, it’s just casually hanging out at the same spot you left it.   There may be some sneaky reason why your face won’t clear up, and you should be careful. I don’t blame you though, even I was shocked at most of them.   Overusing Products Binge-watching YouTube day/night skincare routines? And then impulsively ordering skincare products to get the same glow?...

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4 Japanese Skincare Secrets That Your Skin Needs

Do you ever look at Asian women and think “Do they even age?”. Or am I the only creepy one staring at their beautiful skin and being envious (I hope I’m not alone). Their flawless complexion and even skin is praiseworthy. There skincare routine may have the answers you and I are longing for. Japanese women don’t think of skincare as a chore, they indulge in it. It’s an act of love towards themselves. Recently, I’ve been using my night time skincare routine as a self-care practice. It’s meditative and I make it feel so luxurious.     I began looking into Asian techniques to glowing skin and found Japanese women really know what they’re doing. Amanne Sharif, the communications...

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5 Common Vitamin Deficiencies That Show on Your Face

Vitamins and minerals are crucial for healthy functioning bodies. And you’ve probably heard that you should be taking supplements, but how would you know which vitamins? Even though, you’re eating your greens and servings of fruit. You still may be deficient of certain vitamins and suffering related symptoms. It can hold you back from performing your best everyday so it’s important to be aware and include ways to increase your vitamin intake. Here are five essential vitamins and symptoms of their deficiency to look out for:   Vitamin C Vitamin C is one of the key ingredients found in many antiaging skincare products. It can be found in the epidermis and dermis. It plays a vital role in producing collagen...

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Your Easiest Guide to Facial Oils

Many assume that using oils makes your skin look greasy and oils just sit on top of your skin. And, people with oily skin should avoid them. Well, they’re wrong! Even though, you can’t substitute oils for moisturizers. A good moisturizer should provide oil and water. If you do want to use it as moisturizer, mix it with hyaluronic acid and/or glycerine.   According to top dermatologists, facial oils might be the missing step in your skincare routine. Oils absorb into the skins top layer, resulting into hydration that lasts longer than creams. Facial oils are the quickest way to softness and are loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Produced from plants, natural oils nourish your skin with antioxidants and...

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Must Do Skincare Tips For 30's and Over

Woohoo, You’re 30 (or wiser)! Your skin is changing and your usual skincare routine for your 20s is not good enough anymore. Along with your 30th birthday, comes the pressure of having life all figured out. This is the time when you’re supposed to have a stable relationship, sizable bank account and are living a truly happy life (no pressure). While all these factors may be questionable, one thing you’ll definitely see a change in is your body and skin. The majority of hormonal changes start in your 30s which can lead to thinning hair and undesirable skin. Your skin may start looking dull and droopy as your growth hormone production slows down which decreases collagen production. Sounds frightening? Don’t...

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