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Best 5 Foods To Get Clear Skin

Have you been good with your skincare routine? But you’re still dealing with acne and your skin isn’t glowing like beyonce? Instead of trying all the external methods, this might be a call to pay attention to the inside. Your diet plays an essential part in helping your skin perform its functions optimally and it is the main source of detoxification through it’s pores. So here’s a secret, you can save the money you’d spend on the most expensive skincare treatment and fill up your diet with foods rich in antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids will help you achieve that healthy glow and keep you feeling great all year long. I’ll cut down to the chase and list five...

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My Worst Skincare Mistake And How You Can Avoid It?

You know when you walk into Sephora and see all the various brand names. You assume that you can just buy any and trust it completely. You saw a celebrity who endorsed it, and if she is using it then it must work the same for you? If you’re anything like me, then you don’t like thinking too deep about what brand because let’s be honest, you’ll probably never have sufficient information about all the brands and make a well-educated decision. However, most of the products claim to make you look like J-lo or Beyonce. It’ll make your skin glow and make your pores disappear. So my worst mistake.. Using skincare that wasn’t meant for my skin type. God, I...

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How To Change Your Skincare For Fall

The leaves are falling, and the pumpkin obsession is everywhere. Yes, welcome to fall.   Personally, it’s my favorite season out of all the seasons. There’s less pressure to dress up, do adventurous outdoorsy things, or try to get a fit bod. It’s just cozy and blissful. Your skincare routine might still be the same; wash, tone, moisturize. However, you should know that when seasons change so does your skin. Your skin is always exposed to the environment so it’s a lot more vulnerable to changes in the outside conditions than you would think. A humid climate can soften the skin and maintain its bouncy look, but a dryer climate can dehydrate your skin and make you prone to lines...

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Are Facials Worth Spending On?

Are facials worth the money? You might have been on the edge of trying out a facial because you know, that’s one of the ways you can show your skin some love and you’ve heard many raving about the results. Or you already get facials regularly and swear by it. Last year, Americans spent $17 billion on spa services. From treatments that can hydrate your skin or minimize pores and fine lines.     The beautiful women on the posters with flawless skin make you want to open your wallets and spend on that facial. It promises you that you’ll walk out with instantly fresh and better-looking skin. I dug a little deeper and facial have a lot more to...

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The Underrated Benefits of Charcoal

Have you heard the about the charcoal hype? It’s everywhere! It’s even in your smoothies. So is it just a new trend or is charcoal the new coconut oil. It was once considered the universal antidote. It’s basically carbon, it looks like fine black powder from bone char, coconut shells, peat, petroleum coke, coal, olive pits or sawdust. It has many benefits, from whitening teeth to curing hangovers. Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals, preventing their absorption. It has been used in the hospitals to treat alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. It’s included in beauty products because it acts like a magnet for dirt and other pollutants. When applied to the skin as a mask, the impurities from...

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