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Are Skincare Supplements the Solution?

These days beauty foods and supplements are everywhere. Do they really work? Do you even need them? Every known brand is putting out shiny new supplements in their line. They are in every form, juices, pills and powders. I love the idea of beauty supplements, they are exciting yet overwhelming. I mean no one should be spending extra only for the feels. Before we get more into it, beauty supplements contain vitamins that are essential for the skin health. like vitamin A, vitamin C, and biotin. On the other hand, multivitamins contains other vitamins as well that aren’t as essential for the skin. Which is why it is recommended to not substitute multivitamins with beauty supplements. Beauty supplements can be...

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Stress-free Gift Guide For Anyone

It’s holiday season and you’re probably looking out for gifts and getting ready for all sorts of festivities.  I wanted to help you out by creating a gift guide and if you read it and say “this would be perfect for (insert friends or family members name here)” then we have an irresistible offer at the end.   Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil This is so good for anyone who is concerned about visible fine lines and wrinkles. Or just wants to add a bit moisture to their skin. It’s good for any skin type and it’s so affordable. It's not too thick. You can easily apply it on your face, and it's absorbed fast, not greasy at all. It's a...

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The Skincare Essentials You Actually Need

Have you walked in to Sephora’s skincare isles and felt so darn lost? I mean how many things do I actually need for my face? There are bottles that have pomegranate or avocado or some other superfood that has tons of benefits. Even though, every product sounds like a miracle cure. Do you really need it? It’s hard to decide what you actually need. Today, I’m aiming to make it simple for you because I’ve been there. I’ve seen all the products and also, been extremely overwhelmed with choices. And just standing confused. Walking home with 5 samples to try and then getting busy with other things in life. Honestly, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated.  The more simple it is,...

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How To Avoid Skin Fatigue This Holiday Season

Holidays are all about catching up with the family over mouth-watering food and couple bottles of wine (or gin or whatever you prefer). You’re celebrating because ‘Tis the season.   It’s a blissful time where somehow it’s okay to eat a lot of sugar and drink more than usual. Also, it can be stressful to make Christmas perfect. You know, the part where you have to give the PERFECT gifts. And.. you know what having family over can be pretty stressful too.  In the midst of all that your skin silently suffers and you promise yourself to take care of it when it’s all over. But what if you can choose healthy skin and celebrate, here are some ways you...

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Why scientists say gratitude should be a year long practice?

Turkey day, I mean, thanksgiving is around the corner.  And feeling grateful at this time is reinforced by everything and everyone. It may seem as if it’s preached all the time now. But I promise, there’s a reason for the hype. Here are a few ways gratitude can change your life:   Transform relationships Saying “Thank you” is good manner, however, a 2014 study published in Emotion shows that showing appreciation can help make new friends. Showing gratitude to an acquaintance makes them more likely to pursue an ongoing relationship. Acknowledging other people’s contributions can lead to more opportunities. Not just this, but think about how you feel when someone genuinely thanks you. You give the same warm fuzzy feeling...

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