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4 Skincare Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

There is too much information and opinions about skincare on the internet. It can get so confusing and make your head spin round. You don’t know which blogger to trust. Is it really those products or just a genetic lottery? You want to take care of your skin but all these suggestions just leave you unclear. It may take trial and error to form your ideal skincare routine but I did find out 4 very common myths that most believe.   #1: A high SPF protects you from the Sun Vitamin D is best obtained through supplements rather than unprotected sun exposure. And since EVERY celebrity or skincare guru stresses about sunscreen, this one needs to be debunked.  There are...

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6 Easy Ways To Undo Winter Harm

No more scarfs, no more thick coats and no more freezing. You can find me bundled up from head to toe in the winter and I don't mind any judgements about my look. I can’t stand being cold. Also, winter isn’t skin or hair friendly either. The lack of humidity can dry out our skin and cause damage to our hair. If you notice your hair being rough and skin not as glowing. You’re not alone. Here are a few ways you can protect and undo the winter damage to your hair and skin.   Take short showers: I’m right there with ya, it feels great to be under a long warm shower and create different fantasies. It’s a comfortable...

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How To Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

When you look in the mirror and see some changes to your face? You stare a bit longer and that’s okay. Aging is human and seeing wrinkles on your face is also normal. Something that everyone notices. I don’t know about you but I don’t think of getting facelifts and botox. According to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic surgery was up 2% overall in 2011, and Botox treatments were up 5%. First things first, I think it’s important to embrace any changes aging brings. It may make you insecure. But those lines have come from a life lived, you’ve made so many memories and gathered wisdom. Taking care of your skin naturally means that you can combat wrinkles as well....

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The Unexpected Power Of Rituals

Do you start your day by checking your phone, or snoozing your alarm, or rushing to work with at least 10 worries? You’ve missed out on the power of everyday rituals. Ever wonder why you love holidays? It’s filled with rituals like your mom’s green bean casserole or wearing green on St. Patrick’s day.  Rituals are a set of series you perform regularly. Not to be confused with routines. Routines are brushing your teeth or drinking coffee. Rituals are meaningful and backed with intention. Rituals are a reflection of what matters to you by putting your values into practice. You value self-care, creativity, being compassionate? But can barely manage to remain sane between your chores and work life. As humans,...

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Stress Management: 5 Simple Ways To Relax

At the spa, the receptionist said “who isn’t stressed?” after listening to the stressful day of one of the clients. I realized that it’s true. We’re living in a world with so much going on all the time. We can barely hear ourselves and calm our minds. As a result, we’re less focused and we burn out or shut down. You probably realized it and tried to add some relaxation ways but failed to keep up. And if you’re telling yourself that you’re too busy to take a little time out for some simple adjustments to benefit your long term health. I don’t even know what to tell. Seriously, commit to yourself and recognize when you need a mini break...

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